Colour magic: Watch me paint "Green"

Colour magic: Watch me paint "Green"

This multilayered painting allowed me to challenge myself by creating an entire piece using shades of green, with a little gold, because I just love it! 

I began the painting by applying light green acrylic paint in abstract strokes across the canvas. I enjoy using a paint scraper to quickly apply and remove the paint, allowing me to build up thin layers that dry quickly.

Green is available to purchase for £50

Once I had established the light green base tones, I started to add in darker forest greens, lime greens, and teals to bring depth and dimension. The contrast of the dark greens over the light base is striking.

Throughout the process, I incorporated detailed acrylic pen lines to add texture and interest. I love how the combination of abstract strokes of colour paired with precise line work creates visual intrigue.

I chose to focus on green for this painting because it's a colour that connects me deeply to nature. The vibrancy and variation of greens in the natural world inspire me. I find surrounding myself with verdant greens boosts my mood and creativity.

The final touch was the addition of 23-carat gold leaf, which lends a lovely glistening pop of light and luxury. I love how the metallic sheen plays off the rich greens.


I hope you feel a sense of vitality and renewal when they see the layers of green dreams manifested on the canvas. Let me know what you think! I've included a video above documenting my artistic process.

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