Fascinated by the impact of colour on emotion, Jo is a self-taught painter who infuses her canvas with nature's magical moments - the sunrise, grass dancing in the wind, a puddle reflecting the sky.

Having worked in design for years, the Photoshop layers rewired her art brain, inspiring the multi-layered painting style she uses today.

She works in layers of abstraction and detail, building up acrylics, spray paints, and pens, incorporating saturated hues that evoke awe and wonder. Metallic leaf adds a luminous quality, capturing light and the eye.

Jo finds inspiration in England's landscapes. Her mission is to transport you back to the wonder of the outdoors when you're stuck inside - helping you pause and appreciate the beauty of nature when you can't be there in that moment.

She crafts each piece to infuse your world with the positive energy and the magic of nature's moments that connect us.

My journey so far

Success found me early. Age 4 in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire.

I won a colouring competition held by my local Happy Shopper newsagents. The prize didn't matter. But the acknowledgement lit a creative spark.

It lit a creative spark that still burns bright today.

Stroud Art school honed my skills and creative confidence and introduced me to Photoshop. Plymouth University fuelled my artistic vision.

Then came Bristol - a mecca of music, art, and innovation.

By day, I channelled my creativity into design work. By night, I honed my artistic talents.

I worked in design for years working with layers. My art brain was rewired. This inspired the multi-layered painting style I use today.

London called next. Bigger, busier, bursting with creative energy. But the bustling city left little time for art. Burnout loomed.

This ship set sail again. Toward inspiration, renewal and home.

In Worthing, everything clicked into place. The creativity flowed free.

Now I'm on a mission - to flood the world with the magical essence of nature. To recreate those spine-tingling moments that reconnect you with the awe and wonder of a 4 year old child.

Art archive

A collection of my paintings and drawings, which show the weird and wonderful over the past two decades.

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