Art for those that see magic in nature

Craft an environment as vivid as your imagination


Do grey skies and busy schedules steal you away from nature's beauty?

I know how the course of our day can change with those moments that make you look twice and smile:

– A blazing sunrise peeking through thick grey clouds.

– Long grass dancing in the wind.

– How the rain turns a pothole into a pool of shining silver.

Those moments are actual magic. But in our busy lives, they fade into the day.

My mission is simple: capture those fleeting bits of wonder and beauty and inspire you with the natural world's magic.

I use bright colours, energetic layers, and metallic sheens to recreate nature's vibrancy.

Do you have a gloomy corner that could spring to life with colour on the greyest of days?

Or a space on the wall that could become your own little getaway from screen life?

Dive into my world. Let's bring the outdoors into your everyday.

Jo 💙

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A Stellar Customer Review

“Was so happy to get my hands on the gorgeous pink sage painting from Jo”... “The pink itself is a whole story in itself. It’s so vibrant! Jo’s botanical work really matches the style of my home.

Jo’s always brimming with joy at the world around her, whether it’s people, nature, animals, or just she’s really excited about a particular shade of yellow today. This joy and appreciation of colour really comes through in Jo’s art. I can’t wait to get my hands on another Conlon special.”

- Femke

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More kind words from customers

  • It's beautiful in person too!!! I am walking around finding just the right spot. Again, thank you so much. Your thank you note is even pretty. Love the details I can see now too. Amazing!

    - Tami
  • I tell you something this fox looks so great in a room! If you fancy some great art on your wall by the same artist then check out her website

    - Lalli
  • He is as gorgeous in real life as in the pictures and I can't wait to have him up in pride of place in my living room. Thank you so much again xxx

    - Gayle

Let your imagination awaken nature's beauty


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