Sketchbooks: Your artistic bestie for inspiration and time-traveling memories!

Sketchbooks: Your artistic bestie for inspiration and time-traveling memories!

Hey, fellow creative souls! Let's chat about the amazing world of sketchbooks and how they can be your best friend, not just for artistic inspiration but also for a good dose of humour and nostalgic reflection.

One thing I absolutely love about sketching is its ability to act as my trusty visual journal. Knowing that I can look back at my sketches and instantly be transported to a specific moment in my past is pure gold. I have quite a vivid imagination and love creating characters, so I had a lot of fun recently adding sketchbook drawings to my art archive

I don't know about you, but I often struggle to be consistent with my sketchbook practice. I get so overexcited that I sometimes skip the "sketching" part and go straight to attacking the canvas, so I'm writing this to remind myself why it's so good, and maybe it will be helpful for you too.

Here are my top 6 reasons to grab that sketch book or start the habit

  1. Unleashing Creative Shenanigans
    Using a sketch book regularly is like giving your creativity a license to go wild. You get to explore new artistic territories, experiment with wild techniques, and break free from the shackles of conventional art. Embrace the weirdness, and the best part? No one needs to know about it.

  2. There are no rules
    Sketchbooks aren't just for sketching. You can use them to collect things, create collages, write, paint, embroider, test linocut prints or fold the pages into cool shapes, whatever feels good for you. What do you use your sketchbook for? Share your ideas in the comments below.

  3. Improving Observation Skills
    Observational drawing or writing trains your eyeballs to be super keen observers. Suddenly, you start noticing all those tiny details that used to blend into the background. You become a master of observation, spotting the tiniest details in people, objects, and landscapes. You can create entire narratives and stories to complement your drawings and use them as a springboard for your next image."

  4. Visual Diary
    Picture this: you're flipping through the pages of your trusty sketchbook, and... what?! You stumble upon a sketch that instantly transports you to a moment filled with joy, sadness, or good times. Your sketchbooks are a treasure chest of memories, reminding you how far you've come as an artist and person. Sometimes I remember details like where I was or what I wore when I created that image. For someone who has a terrible memory, this is very exciting for me.

  5. Portable and Ready for Adventures
    Sketchbooks are convenient. They come in compact sizes can be  lightweight, and always ready to tag along on your artistic adventures. Need some inspiration while sipping coffee at a café? Your sketchbook's got your back, encouraging you to capture those fleeting moments and turn them into masterpieces. My latest little book is a small A7, one I could take everywhere. A small blank page is half as intimidating as one double the size!

  6. Inspiration Reservoir
    We've all been there those days when our creative mojo seems to have left the building. But fear not! Your sketchbook is here to save the day. Just flip through those pages, see your progress, and relish in your unique artistic voice. Let your previous sketches remind you of the challenges you've conquered and the skills you have mastered. It's like having your own art coach shout, "You got this!" 

The best bits
Keeping a sketchbook is not just an art form; it's a trusted companion that brings laughter, memories, and inspiration into your creative journey. So, embrace the quirks, grab that sketchbook, and embark on a wild ride of self-expression, laughter, and a touch of time-travelling magic. Your sketches will be there, faithfully capturing your artistic evolution and reminding you of the incredible artist you are! 

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