An airy bedroom with white walls and a large window with wooden furniture and bright artworks

Revamp Your Mood: How to Style Your Home Like a Pro

Did you know that your home has the incredible ability to work wonders on your mood?

Get comfy as I reveal some styling tips to unlock a new level of vibrancy, excitement, and happiness. Together, we will explore how each hue has the power to transform your living spaces into invigorating havens. So, let's get stuck right in and uncover the secrets to styling your home Jo Conlon style! 

Unleash Your Styling Superpowers with my favourite techniques:

Master Lighting
Embrace natural light and maximise sunlight by keeping windows clean and unobstructed. Opt for warm-white lightbulbs with dimmers for a cosy glow, and keep the cool whites for functional areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

I love to create a magical ambience by adding string lights and lamps to each area, indoors and outdoors, for a cosy and enchanting atmosphere and always with white cables so that they blend in with the white walls. Yes, I'm a white wall-or-die girl...

Blank Canvas with Endless Possibilities
Don't underestimate the power of a white wall. Embrace the timeless beauty of white and let it be your blank canvas. No need to chase colour trends when you have a clean slate ready to showcase your ever-evolving art collection. Add pops of bright colour to your floors or furniture instead and enjoy the peace and distraction-free atmosphere that white walls offer.

Blend Scandi with Bold Colours
Get creative by blending Scandinavian style with contemporary bold colours. The clean lines and simplicity of Scandi design provide the perfect backdrop for your vibrant hues. Balance those strong tones with warm metallics and natural materials like wood, creating a harmonious and stylish sanctuary. 

Metallics: Shimmer and Shine
Want to bring light, warmth, and a touch of luxury to your space? Metallic accents are your secret weapon. Whether gold, copper, or brass, strategically incorporate these dazzling elements in mirrors, lamps, or decorative objects. Watch as they reflect and amplify natural or artificial light sources, creating an illuminating and radiant ambience that will leave you feeling like royalty.

Embrace the Calm
Soften your environment with natural materials and fibres like linen and wood. Create a place of tranquillity by incorporating these textures into your space. Their natural beauty and calming presence bring balance and serenity to your surroundings.  

Charge up with Colour

When it comes to energising colours, a few hues stand out for their invigorating and lively qualities. Let's explore some of the most energising colours:

  1. Sunny Yellow: Yellow is synonymous with sunshine, instantly infusing your space with warmth and cheerfulness. Opt for soft, buttery shades or vibrant golden hues to create a sunny and inviting atmosphere.

  2. Cosy Coral: Coral blends the beauty of pink and orange, radiating warmth and energy. It creates a comforting ambience reminiscent of a sunset. I love using a neon coral colour in my artwork when neon pink will be too much at that moment.

  3. Vibrant Green: Green is a colour that symbolises nature, growth, and vitality. It has a refreshing and rejuvenating quality that can energise the mind and the body. Whether through a jungle of indoor plants, green furnishings, or nature-inspired decor, green brings a lively and invigorating energy to any space.

  4. Electric Blue: Blue is generally associated with calmness and serenity, but brighter shades of blue, like electric blue, can have an energising effect. It is a vibrant, attention-grabbing colour that adds energy to your surroundings. Consider incorporating electric blue accents or bold furniture pieces to infuse your space with a lively atmosphere.

  5. Radiant Red: Red is a colour that exudes energy, passion, and excitement. It grabs attention and stimulates the senses. Incorporating red accents or bold red statement pieces can infuse your space with a dynamic and vibrant vibe.

  6. Blissful Orange: Orange is associated with enthusiasm, warmth, and creativity. It radiates positive energy and evokes a sense of joy and optimism. Adding pops of orange through artwork, accessories, or accent walls can instantly uplift and energise your surroundings.

Remember, everyone responds to colours differently. As a summer-loving England dweller, I crave colours that warm me all year round.

Consider the overall mood you want to create in your space and how you want to feel when you need to shake off a hard day or negative emotions. By strategically incorporating these energising colours, you can create a dynamic and invigorating environment that promotes positivity and vitality.

In a few words
Colour can transform our surroundings, elevate our moods, and reflect our unique personalities. By embracing vibrant colours like neon pink and peaches and surrounding ourselves with beloved objects and artwork, we can create an environment that exudes joy and positivity. Let your space become a testament to your passions and a sanctuary filled with the colours and people you love. So embrace the exhilarating influence of paint and let your home, office, or room be a vibrant celebration of your unique self. It's time to style your way to ultimate mood-boosting bliss!

How do you make your home happier?
I'd love to hear about your experiences and what you do to make your living space a happier place. Share your thoughts and ideas in a comment below and let's inspire each other to create joyful and vibrant homes!

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