Adding gold leaf to the painting "Coral"

Colour Magic: Watch me paint "Coral"

Welcome to the journey behind creating "Coral," the first painting in my captivating "Colour Magic" collection. I will guide you through bringing this vibrant artwork to life in this journal entry. Join me as I wield acrylic paint and paint pens and add a touch of luxury with a 23-carat gold leaf. 

I'll soon release limited edition prints, hand-finished with gold leaf, available in A4 and A3 sizes. Be sure to sign up to my emails, register for early interest, and be among the first to experience the magic. Let's dive into the captivating world of "Coral"!

Step 1: I prepare my workspace.

I tape down the paper and arrange all the necessary materials: acrylic paint in various shades of coral, pens, brushes, palettes, and the exquisite 23-carat gold leaf.

Step 2: Building the Base

I love using wide wall scrapers for their efficiency and ability to create quick and transparent layers. Using this technique, I establish a base colour, scraping off the excess paint to achieve an intriguing sense of transparency and depth.

Step 3: Layering Colors 

With a similar colour palette, I gradually add layers of coral shades and white, building up the background and creating visual interest for the upcoming bold colours and lines.

Step 4: Adding Eye-Catching Details 

It's time to introduce bolder details that catch the viewer's eye. I use white to highlight specific elements and incorporate plenty of dots to unify the composition, enhancing the artwork's visual impact.

Step 5: Refining and Enhancing 

In this step, I refine the composition by enhancing the contrast and creating focal points that draw the viewer's gaze. As the coral hues gracefully dance across the canvas, their enchanting charm begins to emerge.

Step 6: The Final Touch of Luxury 

To elevate the artwork further, I introduce an element of luxury: the exquisite 23-carat gold leaf. It's so delicate and beautiful (and expensive), so I have to have a word with myself to be careful with it because I love this stuff and want to play with it. The radiant coral and the gleaming gold make such a lovely combination. I love how warm it makes me feel.

And there you have it—the creation of "Coral," the first painting from my "Colour Magic" collection. From the initial concept to the final brushstroke, this artwork represents the fusion of creativity, colour, and luxury. The limited edition prints, adorned with hand-finished 23-carat gold leaf, testify to the unique magic captured in this piece. To be among the first to experience the enchantment of "Coral," don't forget to send me a direct message to register for early interest.

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