Capturing the Essence of Aguadulce: The Creation of "Sweet Water"

Capturing the Essence of Aguadulce: The Creation of "Sweet Water"

Get comfy as I take you on a journey behind the creation of my latest painting, "Sweet Water." This abstract artwork that captures the beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Aguadulce, Almeria.

Sketching on the Beach in Almeria
To kickstart the creativity after a few wines and some tapas in local bars I ventured to the beach of Almeria. It was like home from home, the Worthing coastal winds had followed us to Spain. I experimented with watercolours and tried to capture the sparkle of the light on the waves and the shingly beach.

An Unforgettable Day Trip to Aguadulce
Alex and I had an incredible day trip to explore the vibrant town of Aguadulce. I was completely mesmerised by the shades of blue and how the heat of the day challenged the cool hues. We sat right next to the beach and I started to draw the outline of where the cool Sierra Nevada mountains met the heat of the sky above. 

Painting in Progress
Back in Worthing, I began translating the inspiration from the beach and Aguadulce into a tangible artwork. A video of the painting in progress showcases one of the stages the layering technique and the meticulous attention to detail that went into capturing the essence of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Sanding the Painting in Parrot's Wood Workshop
When I had finished the painting I took it painting to Parrot's Wood Shed. Sanding off the edges gives it a smooth clean finish and rounding off the corners is one of my favourite jobs. It adds a nice touch to the scene and makes it feel more like a memory than a photo.


The Finished Painting
After weeks of dedication and artistic exploration, I proudly present the finished painting, "Sweet Water." This abstract artwork captures the constrasty between the scorching heat and refreshing waters of Aguadulce. The neon hot pink line tracing the contours of the Sierra Nevada mountains adds a striking and dynamic element, while the iridescent layers capture the shimmering light bouncing off every surface.


    "Sweet Water" is a testament to the beauty and serenity of Aguadulce. This original painting, measuring (H) 38 cm x (W) 38 cm x (D) 5 cm, is currently available for sale. If you're seeking a captivating artwork that provides a refreshing pause from the demands of daily life, "Sweet Water" might be the perfect addition to your collection. 

    Sweet Water is currently available for sale

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