Celebrating Andean Sage: A Contemporary Botanical Painting

Celebrating Andean Sage: A Contemporary Botanical Painting

I found this botanical beauty in Picton Castle Gardens on a scorching summer day. We stumbled upon a plant paradise, a beautiful day out in Wales. If you are in Pembrokeshire, you must go.

Montage of Picton Castle garden photos with lush green foliage

One plant there stole my heart - the gorgeous Andean sage. Those purple-black flowers on vibrant green stems were absolutely stunning, let me tell you.

I'm a big fan of sage, I created this sage leaf painting (above) in tribute to the versatile herb. It's strong leaf that holds its own whether it's fresh, cooked, or brewed into a delicious tea.

Now, back in Worthing sat in our gardenI took this photo but I knew I had to capture its beauty on paper and showcase those fascinating flowers in all their glory.

Andean purple sage plant

I sat in the garden and got to work, trying to capture those magnificent flowers' bold shapes and vibrant colours. I cranked up the volume using a giant bright pink Post-it as a background. I used metallic silver to mimic the shimmering sunlight and give extra highlights that lifted the drawing off the page.

I loved this sketchbook painting so muchI I decided to take things up a notch and promote it to canvas.

I upgraded the pink Post-it to "Pinkest Pink" paint by Culture Hustle. It's an impossible colour to describe. Trust me, photos can't capture it's full brilliance. I used it straight out of the bottle. A pink like this should never be diluted.

Fast forward to December last year when I put my masterpiece on sale at the Worthing Art Trail. Guess whaaat? My good friend snatched it up! And let me tell you, this woman knows colour like nobody else! I couldn't have asked for a more vibrant and joyful forever home for this botanical beauty.







So, my creation, lovingly titled "Sweet Sage," serves as a testament to the magical power of art. It captures the very essence of nature's beauty. Inspired by the captivating Andean sage, this painting embodies the vibrant colours, delicate petals, and intoxicating scent that made that summer day in Wales unforgettable. Every time I see photos of this artwork, it's a reminder to cherish the incredible beauty that surrounds us and the moments that fill our hearts and make us smile at the good times.

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