Step 1: getting ideas down on paper

Exploring the recommended tools and reading I put pen to paper. I copy, repeat, throw in new ideas with the intention of  answering these questions:

  • The user need: What user need are you addressing?
  • The solution: How do you plan to address this need?
  • Who: For who are you you creating this solution?

I decided to focus on ‘Social proof’ and ‘Loyalty’. I was torn between focussing on the customer or vendor so I decided I’d try and find a solution that would suit both.

Step 2: sketches & research

I find it handy to get Pinterest board going at the start of a project so I can collect designs, animations and apps with similar functionality.

Pinterest research

Quick sketches a few favourite ideas helps me to quickly understand how things could look plus I start to think about the language and tone of the app.

Step 3: deciding the final screens

I bypassed the wireframe stage for this challenge but that would usually be my next step… Although a bit of  a broken journey I wanted to capture how the app could have a use before, during and after the event. The following were ideas that would form the app as a whole


Customers download and sign up to the app to view the events, see how many people are going and if their friends are going (a social media/Facebook integration). They can also get info on the event, location, organisers and links to find out more about the vendors.

To encourage customers to download the app before the event I thought it would be interesting to give them an opportunity to take part in a competition or to vote for specials that would be available on the night. The pop ups are an ideal opportunity for vendors to trial out new recipes and products in a temporary environment with a new customer base.

I decided on a ‘Guest beer’ vote. The customers could pick their favourite allowing the vendors to see what’s popular with the idea that they get a free beer (1/2 price if that’s too generous!) if they happen to vote for the ‘winner’. This allows the customers to connect to the vendor before the event and potentially secure their visit by offering them something for free.


For customers they are likely to be busy socialising on the night but I thought it would be great if they could unlock rewards by participating. Tweeting a photo of the event could unlock a reward (one of those ‘Gems’) or posting to facebook.

A voucher which customers could be used at the bar to redeem their free drink. 

I got a bit hung up on the idea of loyalty points. I used the Ribot gem idea but. I should have dropped this idea at this stage… it would be potentially a lot of work for a short life span project.


To keep the dialogue going customers could be asked to review the vendors post pop up in return for an offer or reward. This is a great opportunity for vendors to get feedback on the night plus potentially get new customers into their business outside of the terrace.

Step 4: designing the app

I found an old pop up poster which I used as a very simple style guide. It has a great colour palette which I used throughout the designs:

Colour palette

I produced the designs using Sketch.

The 3 following screens show the event feed (plus info carousel), the beer vote winners voucher and the review screen which capture my intentions of engaging both users and vendors before during and after the event.


Point of purchase

Rate & review

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