Restyling the charts

Big Top 40 has been a longstanding top runner for Global Radio. The site had limited editorial resource as for years the audience loyally tuned int the radio or checked out the website to see how the chart was evolving on a weekly basis.

With emerging technologies having such an influence on music attention was turned to a new potential for Big Top 40. This was my opportunity to give the website and our existing Global app a much needed restyle in keeping with the existing partnership with Vodafone.

The website

Much like many of the existing Global Radio sites we have been working towards a long term goal to go responsive. In oder for this to take place we needed to move our sites onto our internal CMS. This was key for Big Top 40 as the templates were limited and didn’t allow for exciting real-time chart updates and access to the content rich pop-wiki lurking in the database.

iOS and android apps

For our existing iOS and Android app we created a new chart feature which, like the website works in real time with the radio countdown.

Concept for a new app

I decided to explore how we could really push the content to make the brand more immersive for the users with a concept for a bespoke native iOS app.

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