I’ve been responsible for defining the user interface and user experience for a brand new Avios app for both iOS and Android. With the absence of BA I have worked closely with the team to define user journeys and error handling scenarios to solve the numerous quirks of the app APIs. I’ve had to carefully manage my time to ensure that both teams are involved and well informed and that all deliverables were ready for each sprint.

UX Design

The Avios mobile app was brought in-house to the Digital Innovation team after being maintained by a 3rd party company for a number of years. A brand new team was put in place to create a new app from scratch. Our priority was creating a solid foundation and introducing Avios to the agile process.

My first stop was the UX. I produced all of the user flows and wireframes for the app to date starting with sketches and moving onto Axure:

After a review of the user journeys and low-fi wireframes with the stakeholders I’d bring them to life with quick prototypes which I’d share around the team. This is a great opportunity for everyone to give feedback. I am particularly keen to sanity check the UX with developers and give them the chance to ask further questions, raise any concerns or recommend a different approach before the hi-res design stage.

From prototypes to hi-res designs

Prototype (view here)

Hi-res design

Android Vs iOS

With more features and a new focus on improved UI the apps are now starting to take on a personality of their own. The iOS app has some great interactive features such as 3D touch and the Today Extension and the Android app is coming to life with some lovely animations and interactions taken from the Material Design tool kit. There are some great new features coming this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how the app evolves.

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